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This Unit is designed for portable use out of the back of a pickup.  For use in fires suppression and water transfer.  This unit uses all new parts with the exception of a recycled/cleaned 275 gallon IBC Tote.







This portable unit is an economical way to have an extra water supply available for a variety of needs.

  •   Fire Suppression needs when burning brush piles
  •   Water Transfer to remote Livestock or Wildlife troughs
  •   Supplemental water for trees

Unit Weight

  • Empty Weight 200 lbs
  • Full Weight w/ 275 gallons of water approx. 2400 lbs


Product Details

  • Predator 1 inch Water Pump
  • 79 cc 4 stroke gas engine
  • 35 GPM (gallons per minute)
  • Runs approx. 3 hours at 1/2 throttle on 1 tank of gas
  • 20 foot Intake Hose with Screen
  • 25 foot Lay Flat Discharge Hose
  • 8 foot Non-Collapsible Discharge Hose
  • 1 inch Fire Nozzle /Interchangeable with discharge hoses

1 inch fire nozzle offers several different spray patterns.

From fan spray pattern to full stream, allowing for easy control depending on your needs.  Gentle spray pattern for trees and grass, up to full stream for faster discharge.

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