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Turn any skid steer into a powerful tree cutting machine using the Monster Tree Saw and the power of your skid steer. Reclaim your pastures from unwanted and invasive trees and brush.


Price $ 1695.00

Monster Tree Saw Takes Down Bull Mesquite


​Monster Tree Saw Cutting Cedar Trees

Monster Tree Saw Clearing Underbrush

The Monster Tree Saw is a versatile attachment that allows you to cut all types of trees, as well as clear heavy underbrush from under and around those trees you want to keep.

Making your trees healthier and beautifying your landscape.

  • Diamond shaped teeth provide a fast, flush cut on both the forward and backward stroke of the saw.
  • Sharpened sapling cutter allows you to remove young saplings under 1" in diameter by using the nose of the saw.
  • 8' blade provides​ extended reach in heavy brush and under fences.
  • Cuts flush to the ground leaving no stump or stickup.  Cuts up to 18" diameter trees.                                                                             

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Monster Tree Saw require hydraulics?    No.  The saw works off the back and forth motion of the Skid Steer, no auxiliary hydraulics are required.
  • Will the Monster Tree Saw fit on my skid steer?   Yes.  The Monster Tree Saw is equipped with a universal mounting plate to fit most major brand skid steers.
  • How do I sharpen the cutting teeth?  The cutting teeth can be sharpened quickly and easily by the owner using a 4" grinder and a 60 grit flap sanding disc
  • Does the Monster Tree Saw remove the stump from the ground?  No, stumps will remain but they will be flush to the ground.  Eliminating any damage to vehicle tires, equipment, livestock, etc.
  • Can I use the Monster Tree Saw for stump or rock removal?  No.  The Monster Tree Saw is designed to be used for cutting only.  Use as a digging or grubbing tool will damage the saw.

​​​What Our Customers Are Saying..............

Awesome Product !

This saw is simple and easy to use.  It will cut a mesquite tree fast and flush to the ground.

Ron F.... Kerrville, Texas

Thank You !

I am one happy Monster Tree Saw owner.  Thank you for helping make my pastures a whole lot cleaner in a short amount of time.

Larry W.... Washington, Kansas

Great Purchase !

This was a really good purchase.  I would definitely recommend the Monster Tree Saw.

John H.... Tekamah, Nebraska

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