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The Monster Cedar Puller is an attachment which allows the skid steer operator to use the power and lift of the machine to easily pull cedar trees out by the roots. Eliminating the need for chemical application or stump removal. An alternative solution for our customers who asked for a puller instead of a saw. Now we offer two products to solve your invasive tree issues.


Price $ 1395.00

The Monster Cedar Puller is a special design that offers a beveled and sharpened "V" notch  allowing for a good bite into cedar trees. The heavy construction provides the strength needed to get even those big cedar trees. The 5' frame offers extended reach to gain easier access to bushy cedar trees.  Unlike traditional grubbers that offer no extended reach.

The Monster Cedar Puller does not rely on hydraulics.  It only relies on the horsepower and lift of your skid steer.  The bigger the skid steer the bigger the tree which can be pulled.

The cedar tree is easily grabbed in the "V" notch and can be shaken to dislodge dirt, rocks and debris.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Monster Cedar Puller require auxillary hydraulics? No. The puller uses the lift capacity of your skid steer, no auxiliary hydraulics are needed.
  • Will the Monster Cedar Puller fit on my skid steer? Yes. The Monster Cedar Puller is equipped with a universal mounting plate to fit most major brand skid steers.
  • Will the Monster Cedar Puller remove the stump from the ground?  Yes. The Monster Cedar Puller grabs the base of the cedar tree and removes the entire tree, including the roots.
  •  Can I use the Monster Cedar Puller to backfill the hole left behind?  Yes.  By placing the Monster Cedar Puller flat on the ground you can use the frame to cover the existing hole, by maneuvering your skid steer in a sideways sweeping motion, you can rake dirt back into any hole left when the tree was pulled.

  • What size trees can I expect to pull using the Monster Cedar Puller?  The size of tree is determined by the size of your skid steer.  The more horsepower and lift your skid steer has, the bigger the tree that can be pulled.
  • Can I pull trees other than cedar trees?  Possibly. The type of tree to be pulled will have to be determined by the operator.  The following factors should be considered.......the type of soil and the type of root system on the tree to be pulled.  The cedar or juniper tree is known as a shallow rooted tree, therefore, it is possible that other shallow rooted trees may be able to be pulled as well.
  • Will the Monster Cedar Puller fit on my tractor front end loader? The Monster Cedar Puller will work with front end loaders that are equipped with the quick attach system however we do highly recommend using the cedar puller on skid steers
  • Can I use the Monster Cedar Puller to pull wooden fence post?  Yes!  The Monster Cedar Puller is great for this application. The V notch grabs and bites into the post for easy removal.  No more using farm jacks and chains to remove wooden fence post.


What Our Customers Are Saying.........

The Cat's Meow !

I had opportunity to be one of the first to test the Monster Cedar Puller.  My terrain is rough and rugged and difficult to work.  The Monster Cedar Puller went above my expectations.  Not only did the

Monster Cedar Puller perform great in my terrain, by using a

96 hp Skid Steer it pulled out trees that I never expected it to be able to pull.  You won't be disappointed.

Alan  T..... Roosevelt, Texas

Amazing !

I used the Monster Cedar Puller to pull cedars on my ranch.  It worked great.  I was amazed how well it pulled cedars out of rocky, caliche terrain.  I also liked the ability to back fill the hole as I worked.

Jim B....... San Angelo,  Texas

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