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The Monster Claw is great for moving downed trees, logs, fence post, bundles of T Post, debris and many other items.  Great for picking up and moving large trees for cutting.

The jaws of the Monster Claw are serrated for getting a good grip on trees and preventing them from rolling while in the claw.

The compact claw allows the operator to pick up individual trees from a pile with precision.




 The Monster Claw

Need help moving those heavy, cumbersome items.  The claw gives you a helping hand.  With opened jaws at 22" and closing down to 4" the claw can handle a wide range  of items.  

       Serrated jaws for good grip

       Almost 6' in length for extended reach and good visibility

       Universal Mounting Plate

       Flat Faced Hydraulic Couplers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Monster Claw require auxillary hydraulics? Yes.                                                            Does the Monster Claw require High Flow hydraulics? No.

  • Will the Monster Claw fit on my skid steer? Yes. The Monster Claw is equipped with a universal mounting plate to fit all major brand skid steers.



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