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The Monster Cactus Forks are designed to easily remove your prickly pear cactus. Removing the plant with the roots intact.  Use your skid steer and the Monster Cactus Forks as a cost effective way to reclain your pastureland and beautify your homestead.


Price $ 2295.00

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 The Monster Cactus Forks

Looking for a better way to deal with your Prickly Pear issue?  The Monster Cactus Forks are a great alternative to chemical eradication.  With the Monster Cactus Forks easily slide the 4' tines under any prickly pear plant and lift the plant out of the ground with the roots intact. Less ground disturbance than using a rock bucket.  

       5' in width for getting large Prickly Pear Plants

       Tines are 4' in length and made from 1.5 inch steel bar

       for increased strength

       Replaceable Tines

       Universal Mounting Plate

       Expanded Metal back plate

       Non Slip Surface for stepping into machine

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