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The Monster Brush Forks are a great accessory to both the Monster Tree Saw and the Monster Cedar Puller. The Monster Brush Forks allows the skid steer operator to gather cut trees and brush and pile in a central location. Unlike ordinary rakes, which push brush and can scatter unwanted seeds or cactus, the Monster Brush Forks lifts, gathers and moves your brush or trees.


Price $1495.00

The Monster Brush Forks come equipped with a guard made from heavy gauge expanded metal for protection from tree limbs and brush.

The tines are 5' in length with an overall width of 6' providing a large surface area for extra carrying capacity.

Brush piles can easily be picked up and moved to a central location.

The fork tines are cut on an angle to allow the forks to slide along the ground and avoid burying the nose of the tines into the ground.

The Monster Brush Forks are not to be used to replace standard pallet forks for lifting.

The Monster Brush Forks may be used on front end loaders that are equipped with quick attach systems.




The Monster Root Cutter is a great stand alone attachment or companion attachment to the Monster Tree Saw and Monster Cedar Puller. The Root Cutter is essential to customers who want to clear undergrowth from underneath trees and fence rows and beautify their property.

At almost 8' in length and with a hardened plate cutting edge this unique attachment makes cutting and removing undergrowth an easy project.



 The Monster Root Cutter

A perfect way to quickly cut undergrowth.  The width of the blade and sharpened cutting edge makes easy work of cutting the roots out of all types of brush. 

             Before                                             After  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Monster Root Cutter require auxillary hydraulics? No.

  •  Will the Monster Root Cutter fit on my skid steer? Yes. The Monster Root Cutter is equipped with a universal mounting plate to fit all major brand skid steers.

  • Can I sharpen the cutting edge?   Yes.  The cutting blade is 1/2" thick, hardened steel and can easily be sharpened using a common angle grinder.


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